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The Crone's Corner

The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail

Finally, the rain comes. It’s been three hot dry summer months. The land, the plants, trees, and the animals are parched like a lemon squeezed of its moisture. I sit outside on the deck surrounded by the garden and listen to the falling rain. I can hear the garden greedily drinking in the water, sending it to the roots for nourishment. Sweet, precious water. Enough for everyone and all things. It falls on both the good and the weeds.

I hear the song of its falling. It sings with notes of mercy and generosity given to all freely. It feels like a gift from God bringing gentle peace and comfort. It is given grace to my soul.

I listen to my heart during this rain and am reminded how similar the rain is to Divine Grace. Available to all beings. There is a choice we make when presented with a gift. Some choose to retreat to their familiar protections. Their desire is to feel safe and move into their coping strategies. Sometimes those strategies carry an invisible suitcase of emotional reactions. Do you notice when fear, suspicion, annoyance, resentment, irritation, or even moments of anger pop up? Memories of past experiences immediately flood their mind and begin to control their emotional reactions. The memories may have nothing to do with the present moment. But it unknowingly speeds up their coping.

I am convinced there is another option. We can choose to participate with the Divine gift and embrace the unknown moment for what it brings. Dive into this moment with your heart open. Be drenched in the Grace that appears. Notice how this song is different from the sound of fear. God’s grace always offers love.