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The Crone's Corner



I am up early. Looking out the window I see a sliver of light low in the eastern sky. It grows larger with each passing minute until I finally can see the rising moon, but just a sliver of it. Where is the rest of this moon, I wonder? I watch and look with greater depth of sight. “There I say to myself”, I can see the faint shadow holding the sliver of light together. It’s a full moon but my sight is veiled to see only a sliver of its light reflection.

What has caused this veiling of my sight?

I look again through the window to the moon. It’s suddenly gone leaving only the dark night in its place. “Where did my moon go”, I wonder? Contemplating this winter night mystery, I am struck by the similarity of my experience of God over my life. Sometimes I feel God is there and sometimes I can’t see Him on my journey. Did God move away? Busy in some other place? Where is my God? Mother once said, “If you can’t see God, it's you that has moved.” The slip of light returns in my window and again grows larger. Now I see that it was obscured by the windowpane in my room. My moon has returned to slip in my window and find me. When I can’t see God, what in my eye obscures my eyes, my inner sight?

I remember a time being so distraught by the actions of someone that I lost sight of God. And then there were the times when my busyness overwhelmed the capacity to remember and worship God.

These veils were of my making. God didn’t go anywhere. It was I that had turned from my inner sight. All the while God waited patiently, lovingly, longing for my return. The moon in its fullness is always present even when we cannot see it. Steadfast in strength, courageous and willingness to remain as it is, seen or unseen.

What can I do to unveil my sight of God?

Look more deeply.

Lay down distractions and seek God with all my heart.

Watch in amazement at what I find.

The soft moonlight comes through my window inviting itself into my room. It wants to play on my rug and dance in the dark with the shadows of the night as partners. It has but one wish on this night, to catch a momentary glimpse of its heart's love.