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The Crone's Corner

The Seeker

The Seeker

Growing closer to God translates in practical ways.__

“How can I grow closer to God?” asked the seeking soul.

One day a seeker was wandering through the marketplace. He came across an old crone woman searching through books. The seeker asked her, “How do I grow closer to God?”

The crone turned from her search and looked into the seeker's heart.

“Simple, live with an open heart” she said.

With that she turned and walked away, disappearing into the busy marketplace of people and goods for sale.

The seeker tried to pursue her midst the crowded marketplace, but she was gone. Tiring of the search, the seeker sat down on the street curb. His mind kept repeating the crone’s words. “Live with an open heart.” How do I do that, the seeker wondered. What does it mean? Is it possible in this dangerous world of thieves and deceivers? The seeker had been living in a closed shell of self-protection for many years. The thought of “openness” was terrifying.

Looking down at his feet, the seeker glanced upon an old tattered book that had been tossed aside. The book was open. He picked it up, wiping off the street dust. His eyes caught a highlighted passage on the fragile paper.

Speaking to the people, Jesus continued, “Be alert and guard your heart against greed, always wishing for what you do not have. For your life can never be measured by all the things you possess.” Luke 12:15

Studying the page he suddenly felt the old crone watching him. “Open heart, guarded heart” she said. “Your work lies in holding both”. And again, she was gone.

The seeker felt dumbfounded at the experience. He thought hard about what had happened and what it meant. His soul filled with hope that he had found a pearl of great price. As he was rejoicing in his discovery a shadow fell over him. Instantly fear seized his mind. He rose to protect himself but could find no one to fight. He soon realized this self-protecting was his pattern of coping.

He called out, “What do I do with fear?”

Through the whisper of the wind, he struggled to hear the words, “Next time.”