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The Crone's Corner

Re Ego Still Shows Up


          With injustice unfairness

          With a lack of accountability in others doing their jobs

-          Apathy

-          Laziness

-          Lack of compassion

-          Excuses, placing blame on me

Being lied to, deceived…I despise it.

Not listening when I am paying for work

Irritation with stupidity

I feel wronged by someone

When I find myself in ego mode, I’m less able to hear my heart and the voice of God. I make poor decisions, choices like alcohol, food, people for affirmation, feeling/choosing to feel loneliness, injured emotional, unkind, unable, or unwilling to trust; whining poor me.

Loss of respect for others

Holier than thou. My heart closes in self-protection.

In these moments I need the grace to find a balance between advocating for myself from love and experiencing anger and irritation with people. I need help for an attitude adjustment.

It’s hard to believe in yourself that what you think and do has validity.

Maybe it takes a community to affirm you. Perhaps at least one person who is willing to say “yes that’s right” or “It’s true, this is important”.

My weakness is to need this affirming permission to speak, write, publish.

What is my fear?

To be disrespected? Laughed at? Belittled? Rejected?