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The Crone's Corner

Paradox of Faith



Faith is more than a set of mental constructs, a group of ideas you believe. Real faith lives in your heart, comes from your heart.

How can you say “I’ve lost my faith” ? Perhaps what you’ve lost is connection with your heart. We create ego traps and fall into them. When you have a strong uncomfortable experience you choose to stuff the feelings down, ignoring them. You might tell yourself, “I’ll deal with it later.” Avoided or ignored feelings live in your soul, like a stuffed closet where you keep adding more stuff. Closing the closet door can keep it out of sight, out of mind. Stored feelings become invisible, and forgotten, and you become unconscious of them. The trap has set with the closed door. You can’t open the door to your soul without the stuffed contents tumbling out like a barrage of unwelcome emotions. But you might need something in your soul to help with the difficult present moment like wanting to draw on a past memory to help with this moment of experience. Most memories hold a feeling attached to it. You will need to open the closet door to find what you’re looking for. Opening the door you get a deluge, a bombardment of old feelings and you quickly close the door again. You become trapped by the closet of memories. You can't move forward to learn and grow through a current experience because of the door that you need to open and pass through. This soul door has a back door. Opening the door you can enter and pass through the contents and return out the back door having gathered what you need or want. Maybe you want peace of mind, contentment or rest for your weary soul. Those are present and available to you. Behind the door. The door you don’t want to open. Maybe you’re feeling some fear in a current experience. You’re wanting to find a way to cope with it. Your resources of coping are in the closet, in your soul storage place. Opening the door brings the contents tumbling out. You may find what you’re looking to move on but you’ve left a mess of old unconscious feelings behind you. Other people trip over your mess when accompanying you. Do you wonder why some people seem toxic? Emotionally impaired? Unable to access or share their feelings ? Loss of connection to their soul or worse yet their heart?

It's no wonder folks may say that they have lost their faith.

It requires doing inner work to mature and grow in wisdom and compassion. Otherwise you may live trapped in ego states circling the barrel like an animal on i