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The Call of God

There is a path to God.

It begins with humility.

A humble heart is a heart that can open to the Divine. The secret garden gate becomes visible, and you may enter. Humble is not humiliated as you might fear. Where do you find humility? Mr. Webster says it is freedom from pride or arrogance. Interesting that it is called freedom. Think about that. A freedom. Freed from pride and arrogance. It's open easy to see arrogance in people. But what pride? Can you see your own pride? Does it prevent the gate of humility to open to God’s presence? Webster says it is inordinate self-esteem, and conceit. Yet, it's also a reasonable or justifiable self-respect. Where does one begin and the other end? When is pride healthy and when does it become a stumbling block? Maybe there’s a pride test. Try it. Open your heart right now. Can you? If so, then welcome in into God’s secret garden.

If not, what prevents you? I’m betting it's fear. A prideful person is a fearful person.

Without your pride who is in control? Too often a prideful person is also a controlling person, and that’s. problem.

Control is an illusion. It doesn’t exist. You only feel it when you exert demands and expectations onto others. That’s a problem.

The ego is the master of your demands and expectation. It kicks out insane judgments at every moment. It reacts quickly to emotional memories, and you feel it in the blink of an eye. You judge the moment not by its content but by your emotional reaction to it. Pride. Control. Judgment. They are noxious weeds that grow in the soil. They obscure the path to God.

So, it begins with humility. Lay down the ego. It screams me, me, me. Set it aside briefly. It won’t go far or wander off. There is a call for your heart to heal from its tyranny. This is the call of God. Just tap on the humility app and click on install. Prepare to be amazed.