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About Red Raven

Ten years of developing and building a sanctuary that will provide a space for personal healing and spiritual growth. My mission is to Nourish Awakening in all Beings. Deeply connected with my Christian background and love for God, I felt growing discontent with the lack of encouragement and direction toward finding God for yourself from the spiritual community. Mystics were treated as suspicious persons. Meditation practices were also suspect and should be avoided. Learning to trust your own experience was almost heresy. I wanted more. I want to know God and be known by Him/Her. I wanted to free God from the pulpit and see what He wants for our lives and for our world. Thus the decades long spiritual journey in my life. It has brought me to this time and this place where I can offer the space, the support and nourishment for people to find answers to their questions and healing for their soul. All faiths welcome.

Why "Red Raven?"

Within Haida mythology, Raven is a central character as he is for many of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. Haidas believe Raven to be a complex reflection of one's own self. Raven can be a magician, a transformer, a potent creative force. He is credited for bringing light to the world in some stories.

In 1940 Marvel Comics depicted Red Raven as a flying superhero.

The Red Path is a modern concept of the "right path of life" as inspired by a variety of Native American spiritual teachings.

credit: Wikipedia

Red Raven Sanctuary logo

Raven is encircled by a red globe and holds the golden orb in his bill representing the light he has brought to our world.

Suzie Hubbard is a Registered Nurse and a member of the Multnomah County Medical Reserve Core.