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In a dark and troubled time comes a guiding light from God.

It is a freely given gift of Divine Goodness to everyone. It transcends faith, beliefs and religion.

The light is growing across our land. People are seeking ways to relieve their fear and pain.

Paths toward healing and wholeness that are real and authentic to their spiritual experience.

"Spirit Awakening" is a Nonprofit 501c3 corporation with a mission to nourish the awakening of the Spirit within individuals. It is the maturing destiny of soul. It is a journey of the Heart.

Red Raven Sanctuary was created to provide place, opportunities and resources for the soul journey to awakening. A place to find and experience the Grace, Goodness and Love of God in your life. Carry the experience of the journey with you into the world. The light grows guiding us by Love to carry it into the dark and troubled places in our world.

Consider becoming a participant or donating to the Sanctuary mission work.

Red Raven Sanctuary offers...


Individual half-day or full-day retreat with meditation and conversation


Workshops designed to facilitate learning and spiritual growth.

Small group worship

Monthly contemplative small group worship with Lectio Divina meditation


Volunteering at the Sanctuary provides experience along the soul journey plus helps maintain the grounds and gardens.


  • Half-day retreat: $30

  • Full-day retreat with home-cooked meal: $50

  • Workshops: $15

Contact information

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(503) 703 - 9193

Visits are by appointment only.

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